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Eventures with Warm Spirit plans events and meetings.  We offer professional services in the form of business coaching to our clients. We specialize in a variety of events in order to successfully organize and implement your private or corporate meetings.  We provide services to associations and religious organizations.  Our clientele usually consist of small to mid-sized groups ranging from 50 to 500 attendees and participants. 


We assist our clients with the following:

What you can expect is:



·        Air Transportation

·     Customizable Reports

·        Audio/Visual equipment/set-up

·     eMarketing Tools

·        Budget Management

·     Meeting Management

·        Communications

·     Online Event Registration

·        Decorations

·     Online Payment Processing

·        Entertainment

·     Track Return on Events

·        Food and Beverage

·     Travel Cost Management

·        Function Setup


·              Ground Transportation


·        Housing and Registration


·        Mailings


·        Negotiations and Contracting


·        Off-site Tours


·        On-Site Management


·        Pre-event promotion


·        Program Design


·        Site Selection


·        Speaker Selection


·             Stage Production


·        Vendor Purchasing


Ask yourself some of the following questions:
  • Have we discussed the budget?
  • Do we have someone who is skilled enough to organize the meeting or event without a professional planner?
  • Do you need a meeting planner or travel agent?
  • Is this meeting or event absolutely necessary?
  • Is this something that can take place inside someone's home or a basic hotel room?

                   I am a Warm Spirit Independent Consultant.  

Warm Spirit is a comprehensive collection of nature based beauty and healthcare products created to bring a sense of pleasure to daily life.  Warm Spirit products offer high quality treatments for beauty care, aromatherapy bath and body preparation, herbal teas, and homeopathic remedies addressing well-being concerns of women and men.   Join the community and indulge is some products. Why not consider the business opportunity of becoming an Independent Warm Spirit Consultant?

For more information, visit www.warmspirit.org/eventuresws

  • Latest Promotion: Order the Hidden Beach CD so that you can listen to it during Warm Spirit gatherings or pre-meeting/event.  Remember that if you play a professional artist's music in public you must obtain permission from the proper organizations.

  •  We are committed to "Doing well by Doing good," So before you get too carried away, read up on the Defamation Policy from W.S. 
  • I have also adopted the Code of Ethics for the Hospitality Service and Tourism Industry developed by IIQEST (no affiliation).


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