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          Eventures with Warm Spirit is a sole proprietorship business owned and managed by Sylvia E.Thompson.  It was founded in 2005 as Pampered Proof by Warm Spirit.  I wanted to do more as an Independent Consultant with my Warm Spirit business namely meeting and event planning.  With some brainstorming a relative informed me, "What about the name Eventures?"  That was it!  My business as Eventures with Warm Spirit was established and running by 2006, and Eventures with Warm Spirit is affiliated with the Warm Spirit Corporation. 

          I am an independent meeting and event planner with a background of over eight years in coordinating religious conferences and youth events.  I tend to be ethical, tactful, and professional with my business, clients, and vendors.  Because I am a price conscious person it is important for me to work within the budget of my clients and plan a great event.

          My mission is business first.  I enjoy working and doing my job simply.  That is why my motto at the bottom of each page is "Personal Attention Personable Attitude."   I am an organized individual and I enjoy starting something and finishing it with splendor.  I have turned my passion for organizing events into a business.   I currently hold a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Communications from Chestnut Hill College.  I have also studied at Richmond International American University in London. 

         At times communication, cross-cultural communication, and interpersonal skills can be misinterpreted.  I like to assist my clients with effective presentation skills, proper public speaking tactics (which is a personal style) and teambuilding strategies or training program suggestions.  If a new or existing company wants to hold a meeting it needs to be effective and if they host an event it needs to be successful.  That is why Eventures with Warm Spirit offers business coaching services to assist the client. 

This business is registered with Camden County and the State of New Jersey.

The Product Line

        Warm Spirit is a comprehensive collection of nature based beauty and healthcare products created to bring a sense of pleasure to daily life.  Warm Spirit's products offer high quality, nature-based treatments for beauty care, aromatherapy, bath and body preparation, herbal teas, and homeopathic remedies addressing health and well-being concerns.   The effects of an at home spa experience with Warm Spirit's products will have a luxuriating affect on any person. 








Personal Attention Personable Attitude

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