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         A request for proposal is the standard set of questions that a potential client is "requested" to answer.  Most meetings or events usually require a budget, therefore this RFP would help me to identify if this will be a budget friendly event or an extravagant event.

     If you would like a price quote for your meeting or event you may call me at (609) 330-9343 or use the Request for Proposal provided and email or mail the information back to Sylvia Thompson of EVENTURES with Warm Spirit.


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Street Address

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Street Address

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Contact Us  

Hours of operation:
930am - 6pm Monday - Thursday
9am - 1pm Friday - Saturday

Closed Sunday

Our mailing address is:
PO Box 1922
Camden, NJ 08101-1922

For questions regarding scheduling and coordinating a meeting or event please request a proposal by calling us during business hours at (609) 330-9343, or e-mail

In you are interested in the business opportunity of becoming an Independent Warm Spirit Consultant, please visit  and and enter as a guest.  You may also e-mail


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