Typical events and meetings we plan are:

  • Banquet
  • Birthday Party
  • Ceremony (Ex. Award)
  • Cruise Meeting
  • Conference or Workshop
  • Corporate Gift Program
  • Golf Outing
  • Fund-raiser
  • Meeting or Training Program
  • Spa Party
  • Tea Party*
  • Organizational Retreat
  • Web Seminar
  • Wedding Shower
  • Warm Spirit Gathering

Attend a Gathering - Gatherings are fun and very similar to a product presentation. It is a time when you can experience and sample the quality of Warm Spirit products and share special moments with others in a home setting. You will be pampered in modern & traditional ways with unique and healthful products. Leave the Gathering looking, smelling and feeling better than when you arrived. So tune out the world, feel the burdens melt away, relax and escape.   If you would like to host a gathering in your home or office, you the hostess or host would be eligible for a free Warm Spirit Paisley Candle and other discounts if your group purchases $250 or more in Warm Spirit Products!


  • *Order our Warm Spirit Blooming Tea Gift Set and watch the tea leaves sprout into a beautiful flower in hot water.
  • Specialized travel arrangements and accommodations are included.
  • International planning services available upon request.
  • I am not a travel agent, I can make travel arrangements, and however, I do not sell travel packages.
  • Any arrangements for those with disabilities will be arranged such as an ADA accommodated facility.
  • I also provide reservation and concierge services. 



      I plan events or meetings based on my client’s expectations, needs, and wants.  With Warm Spirit, EVENTURES offers products and services for the following kinds of party themes: 

      1.      Mother/Dauther

      2.      Girls Night

      3.      Couple's Night

      4.      Bridal Shower

      5.      Lunch Time Pamper

      We also offer the following:

      1.      Warm Spirit Business Opportunity

      2.      Free Product Samples

      3.      Custom Gift Baskets

      4.      Gift Certificates


      Signature Scent



      Enjoy a free subscription to Kraft Food and Family Magazine by visiting the link:

      My name is Sylvia Thompson and My Consultant ID is #10771

      Enjoy a full year and a half of Essence Magazine for $1 per issue. 

      That's 18 issues for only $18!

      The file is in pdf format and attached for your convenience.

      My name is Sylvia Thompson and My Consultant ID# is 10771


      Small Business Coaching includes: 


      *Note: Sometimes instead of avoiding a conflict it is better to confront the conflict because confrontations are not always negative.   Since both parties have a chance to express their dissatisfaction on an issue there is a level of appeasement on behalf of the opposing persons.  In addition to that, a mutual agreement for a resolution to the problem can be discussed between the parties involved.    It's that easy because of you'll know:      

      How to present effectively

                                                                                                                        Business communications

                                          How to speak effectively

                                                                                          Customer service

                           How to delegate tasks 

                                                                                                                Proper time management

              An elevator pitch

                                                                How to listen effectively

                                                                                                             Excellent employee incentives

      How to be assertive

                                             Teambuilding tips

                                                                                                        Cross-cultural communication

                        Sensitivity training/consultation

      *Note again: Don't be rude...that usually helps.

      *Final note: Business coaching is provided on behalf of clients who use my event and meeting planning services or Warm Spirit products/services.

      THE END

      Personal Attention Personable Attitude

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